Mentoring and Training

We're With You, Every Step of the Way

The primary purpose of WeirFoulds' student program is to recruit individuals who will become the future lawyers of the firm. Through the student experience, both the firm and the students can work toward building a strong foundation for the future.

Students have an important role to play in the delivery of legal services to our clients. WeirFoulds values the contribution made by its students and takes great pride and responsibility in helping to educate Ontario's future lawyers. We are committed to providing an excellent student experience, where students can gain a well-rounded introduction to the practice of law in Toronto.

Our mentoring program gives you both formal and informal guidance. We assign each student a mentor. Students have regular monthly meetings with their mentors and the mentors are always available to provide information, direction and support.

You will receive formal evaluations as well as ongoing informal feedback. Our Director of Professional Development meets with students every week to ensure that you are exposed to a broad range of matters.

We provide a structured, comprehensive training program which includes a full firm orientation, extensive library and research programs, and a series of student seminars on various substantive and practice issues.